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Virtual card

Upon signup you are issued a customised virtual card for which you can constantly load for disbursing

Fully Customizable

With REENs-Elevate you get unlimited possibilities to customize the look of your platform. All these things you can easily customize with just few clicks

App integration

Connect the apps you use everyday to start sharing your content and withdraw your payout. Working with our partners, we're powering a new era of Employee Advocacy

Calculate Reach

The number of people who see you and hear about you — is the ethereal power behind the success of most every major brand. REENs Elevate will give you an estimate

Calculate Earnings per Week

As an employee you may have negotiated a weekly performance but need to know what the weekly equivalent is with a few straightforward calculations.

Generate Report

To generate a report: Click the Reports tab. Select a format in which to display the collected data - Chart (histogram) or Table. Click the From and To dates to select a date range from the calendars.

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At REENs Elevate , we keep our legacy in motion by living our core beliefs. We act. We learn. We get better. We are never satisfied with being satisfied and we constantly insist on being more tomorrow than we are today. – we are moving our culture and our opportunities forward to embrace the digital industrial future

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