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REENs Elevate Software unlocks the power of advocacy by giving your team the tools to easily create & share company curated stories and content with their social network, Get compensated and rewarded for their hard work. Our customer call it the AirBnB for Social Network.

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Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organization by its staff members. Your customers spend a lot of their free time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, so it’s a prime place to get in front of them.

Stop over-saturating the same audience. You can get exposure to new audiences via employee social networks.Give your employees a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing curated content across their social networks.

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Team of highly dedicated, passionate individuals. We pride ourselves on a culture of openness, integrity, and creativity. Learn more about what we do, and maybe even join our team. Businesses needs advertisement to get more customers. Relying on referrals can only take you so far before you run out of friends of friends

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